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Dean Martin Impersonator, Phil Solis has performed all across the United States and is recognized as the most authentic Dean Martin Tribute Artist.

Dean Martin impersonator

Make your next event memorable with the legendary songs, humor and charm of the "King of Cool" Dean Martin.

 See Phil Solis as a Dean Martin impersonator in North Carolina and Virginia

What People Are Saying:

Rebecca Shamblin - Activity Director Spring Arbor of Williamsburg, VA March 9th, 2023 Dean Martin Impersonator,What a great performance, the residents and their families had such a great time.

Andrew Taylor February 14th, 2023 Dean Martin impersonator Phil Solis as Dean Martin was great! Fantastic singing voice that brings back the unique crooner sound of Dean Martin. I have seen several other Dean Martin tribute shows and Phil is the most authentic Dean Martin copying even his moves and style down to the tee. I hired Phil for a Valentines dance I held in Raleigh, North Carolina and he was a big hit.

Jennifer Schwalm January 25th, 2023 Phil Solis brought his wonderful Dean Martin performance and show here to Applewood retirement community.  Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis were in the house! Applewood residents and over 80 marketing guests rewound the clock last week and were treated to back-to-back live musical comedy shows featuring performers Phil Solis and Angelo Capone. Our Engaged Living calendar features non-stop daily events, wellness activities and educational experiences

Robert E. January 16th, 2023 Phil was awesome! He is spot on with his voice & appearance as Dean Martin. It was my wife’s 40th birthday and Phil did such a wonderful job of making her feel special. I can’t say enough good things about the show and Phil. Such a great guy. Everyone is still telling us about how much fun they had and how authentic Phil’s performance was. Thanks again!

Cubillio Angelo December 31st, 2022 celebrity Dean Martin impersonator in North Carolina. Phil is great!

Rachel F. December 12th, 2022 Amazing Performance - Hired as a Dean Martin impersonator in Virginia Beach, VA. Everyone at our Christmas party loved the performance! The music was perfect for our event and he has a great voice!

Roberto Pizanii October 21st, 2022 Dean Martin impersonator Raleigh, N.C. Phil Solis help celebrate my Mothers 96th birthday as Dino!

Gail S. January 14th, 2022 Best Dean Martin Impersonator I have ever seen! Hired Phil for a show right here in Virginia Beach and he did an amazing job bringing back to life Dino! It was like being transported back in time. Phil sang all the great songs and really captured the causal style of Dean Martin. Thanks for making my event a big hit.

Frank Sinatra impersonator, Nick D'Egidio says,“Hey Phil just want you to know you did an amazing great job as Dean Martin. Very proud of you and once again thanks for the job you organized that perfectly what a great singer and entertainer. You were great buddy, I love your work and it's an honor to work with somebody that is so professional and understanding have a great day” – Nick D’egidio

Jeff A. December 31, 2021 Great New Years Eve show. Phil Solis did a fantastic job with his Dean Martin tribute show for our company party! Very much just like Dean Martin performing at the Sands in Vegas. No one else like him here in Raleigh, N.C. Excellente

Alison V.  December 1st, 2021 Best Dean Martin impersonator I have ever seen and I've seen many. He faithfully brings to life Dino and all his fun jokes. We laughed at our annual event and sang along to many of the songs. Thanks Phil

Jimmy Donovan November 6th, 2021. Loved the show! The most authentic Dean Martin Tribute Artist out there. Will hire again!

June M. January 13, 2020 Amazing Orange County Crooner!!  Phil did many songs from Sinatra - Dean Martin - Tony Bennett and more. We hired him for our wedding and he has such a beautiful voice. In true old school crooner style Phil delivered many hits and everyone loved dancing to the ageless songs. I understand that he specializes in doing a Dean Martin impersonation and I would love to see one of his live performances as a Dean Martin tribute artist.

Phil T. December 31st, 2019 Rat Pack Tribute show at my restaurant SOLD OUT! Great performances by all the guys. Thanks Phil.

Gary J. November 11, 2019 Great evening! What a great performer, Even the twenty-somethings enjoyed the show! Hired as a Celebrity impersonator

Angie L. November 5, 2019  Very entertaining, enjoyable, and pleasant  Hired as Dean Martin tribute artist. It was my father in law's 93rd birthday celebration with 31 of his family members. He had a wonderful time. all of the family wanted the show to go on. He entertained everyone of the family members. It was a great experience. A lot of the family members asked how did I find him. Phil did a great job as a Dean Martin impersonator. We would hire him again!!!   

Victor L. September 17, 2019 Wedding Phil was awesome and very entertaining. Would hire again for another occasion. Hired as a Dean Martin tribute artist. Thank you Phil for your help on making our wedding memorable.   

Louis V. August 4, 2019  *AMAZING PERFORMANCE*  Phil Solis is the best Dean Martin Impersonator I have ever seen. He resembles Dean in his looks, his sound and his mannerisms! I would love to see Phil do a Dean Martin Variety Show like the one he had on television back in the day. Everyone of my guests just loved singing along and dancing to the famous hits of Dean Martin. Highly recommend if you are a fan of Deano! Hired on August 3rd, 2019 as a Dean Martin impersonator.

Tina Z. June 24, 2019 Great show! Phil did a fabulous job as a Dean Martin tribute artist!! Kept the party going .. ladies all enjoyed him.. would definitely hire him again!! Thanks, Phil

Jeff B. July 12th, 2019 Wonderful performance! I am a huge Dean Martin Fan and Phil brought be back to my childhood watching the Dean Martin Variety show. It was a fun filled performance and in my opinion Phil is the very Best Dean Martin impersonator. Orange County Dean Martin Tribute is what I searched for and was lucky enough to find Phil Solis right here in Orange County.

Ericka B. July 5, 2019 ☆Phil Solis Highly Recommended☆ Phil is an excellent entertainer with a beautiful voice. When Phil sings, it's like listening to the real Dean Martin and Frank Sinatra. Phil arrived a few minutes early to set up. His tracks are professional and beautifully recorded and sound like a real band. Phil's costumes are freshly ironed (very important to me) and beautiful. Phil looked handsome like the real Dean and Frank. He interacted with my guests while on stage and after his show he took pictures with some family members. We all had a wonderful time. Phil is professional and polite. I highly recommend him.

Gloria T. June 16, 2019 The perfect party entertainer  Phil was great as Dean Martin for my grandad's birthday party! He is really funny and does a great job with entertaining everyone. My friends really got a kick out of him and danced when he sang. We loved That's Amore and King of the Road. Phil Solis is the very Best Dean Martin Impersonator. Thanks, Phil, you are so dope!

Jessica A. May 4, 2019 Like watching the Dean Martin Variety Show  Phil is top notch and does an excellent job recreating the look and style and class of Dean Martin. Is by by far the very best Dean Martin Impersonator that I have ever seen (and I've seen a lot). We hired Phil to do his one hour Dean Martin Tribute Show and I honestly can say that from the beginning to the end of his show my friends were glued to their seats. He's funny and witty like Dino and has a great set of pipes to boot. Thank you, Phil, for making my Aunt Janice's Birthday Party spectacular!

Roy Sharon April 1st,2019 This Phil Solis looks just like Dean Martin. Phil Solis is the most authentic Dean Martin impersonator i the world. Hands down!

Candice J. March 30, 2019 Ahh-Maaayy-Ziiing!!!  Phil absolutely blew us away! Not only was he adaptable and professional, but he made the whole evening so special and memorable and Fun! Everyone loved him and he took every social cue to work the crowd! Super duper grateful you could be a part of our special event! Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Celebrity impersonator

Peter G.  February 28, 2019 Like stepping back into another era. Great Dean Martin impersonation and great music. Phil sounds like Dean, and really dresses the part. He sang all the songs Dean sang, and the jokes and banter were reminiscent of the old Dean Martin TV show. The live band was fantastic, and the audience had a wonderful time. 

Irene S.  February 18, 2019 Sold-Out! Highly Entertaining! I introduced Phil Solis to the Thousand Oaks Goebel Center Commission. Phil produced a hilarious and educational "Dean Martin & Jerry Lewis" tribute show to a sold out audience of 250 attendees. I watched the audience belly laugh and sing along to their favorite songs. The live band was a hit. This successful event for the Goebel Community Center will see more of Phil's shows in the future! Wonderful Dean Martin tribute artist.  

Shannon P.  February 15, 2019 Phil as Dean was awesome! Phil was an amazing talent that thoroughly entertained our seniors for Valentine's Day! He was attentive to the guests, made them laugh and brought them back to the times gone by through the timeless sound of Dean Martin. Thank you, Phil, for sharing your talent with us!  

Cathy S.  February 13, 2019 Fun Dean Martin show A few months ago I hired Phil Solis for a 1 hour Dean Martin tributeshow at my mom’s 70th birthday party. She loved it! Phil looks like Dean, sings like Dean, even flirts like Dean. Everyone sang along to “That’s Amore.” My mom still talks about it. Thank you!  

Cynthia B.  February 11, 2019 Fabulous Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis, Together Again Show The Goebel Senior Commission had Phil Solis and Derrek Alonso provide their "Martin and Lewis, Together Again" show for us with lots of wonderful singing of their old songs and delightful comedy routines that brought back so many memories for our audience. Folks were singing along with the songs and laughing at the jokes the entire time. Phil's portrayal of Martin was "spot on" including cigarette and drink in hand! His "Martin" voice was just wonderful - very melodic. And the antics of Alonso as Lewis were hilarious. The show was attended by about 230 folks and certainly enjoyed by all.  

Justin F.  January 31, 2019 I thought I was watching the real Dino I hired Phil to perform as Dean Martin at my Father's birthday party and he was amazing! I have watched a lot of the Rat Pack and seen the Dean Martin Toasts and shows he did. Not only does he have the characteristics and sophistication of Dean Martin, but he has a beautiful singing voice that sounds very much like Dean Martin. I highly recommend him to my friends and to anyone that's wants that fun, charismatic charm at their party!  Celebrity impersonator

Jake Hasablain • January 19, 2019 Dean Martin Look a like! I hired Phil as part of a Rat Pack Show I did and he is the splitting image Dean Martin. He has ALL the same mannerism, sound, vibe and charm of the real Dean Martin. I know because my father worked with the real Dean Martin at the Sands Hotel in Vegas and I met Dean many times. I am a big Rat Pack Fan and I know how the guys should look and act! The moment Phil walked on stage, everybody in the audience knew it's Dean Martin. One gal even yelled out "We love you Dean". So much fun. Phil started his set with a Dean version of Pennies from Heaven but sang it as Bourbon from Heaven. LOL. Then he did some shtick that was hilarious. Then sang Everybody Loves Somebody followed by King of the Road and ended his set with "That's Amore" and everybody joined in to sing with him. A successful SOLD OUT Show.  

Allison G. • June 24, 2019 Fun Dean Martin Impersonator Watching Phil Solis is like like watching a Dean Martin Hologram. Dean Martin returns to Las Vegas! Immortalized as the “King of Cool,” Martin will be resurrected in high definition by Hologram USA so that new audiences can experience the effortlessly cool charmer as he performs a number of his timeless hits—“That’s Amore,” “Everybody Loves Somebody,” “You’re Nobody till Somebody Loves You”—and comedy bits that established him, with Jerry Lewis, as one of the most popular comedy duos in Hollywood history—and one of the most sought-after variety acts in Vegas for decades. 

Stephen Gary September 13, 2018 Orange County Dean Martin Impersonator I hired Phil for a Rat Pack Tribute show I was doing in Orange County. May I say that he's a gasser! I true professional at his craft and I could not be happier with his stellar performance. He started his part of the show with Dean Martin's Drink to me Only bit and the audience howled. Then he sang When you're drinkin' song! Another hit. The Rat Pack is Back with Phil's performance as Dean Martin. Really good job pallie.  

Sharon R. July 1, 2018 Fun Show I searched for Los Angeles Dean Martin Impersonator and Phil's website showed up. I am so glad I hired him. Not only is he as handsome and sexy as the real Dean Martin but he is funny as heck. I also found him in a search for Las Vegas Dean Martin Tribute show. Guess this man gets around Lol.  

Jessica Blake  March 13th, 2018 Best Dean Martin Impersonator Ever! I cannot say enough great things about Phil Solis as Dean Martin. He did his DEAN MARTIN TRIBUTE SHOW and it was a big hit.         

David G.  February 20, 2018 Top Notch! A real professional at his craft!!
Anyone that enjoys the humor as well as Dean's unmistakable voice will enjoy this mans rendition 
He captures the essence of the era and gives you the feeling your back in time. 
Smooth as Silk yet with that Classic Rat Pack Vibe. Great job Phil really enjoy your work.

Frank Sinatra quote, "Dean Martin is like a brother to me. I love him and am honored to call him my friend".

Celebrity impersonator for hire!

Dean Martin impersonator Phil Solis performs through out Virginia, North Carolina, Tennessee, and Washington D.C.. Book The Dean Martin Tribute show in Richmond, Williamsburg, Chesterfield, Glen Allen, Midlothian, and Raleigh Today!



Dean Martin Hologram Celebrity impersonator to debut in Las Vegas. Next year, audiences all over America will be able to see Dean Martin as he appeared in his live Las Vegas Shows. People will be taken back in time to the by gone era when the swinging Rat Pack ruled sin city and enjoy a live performance of The King of Cool, in a time before being "politically correct" was a thing. Dean Martin will be brought back to life with the advent of new technology in Holographic imagery. The Dean Martin Live at The Sands will entertain audiences in a high definition 3D Hologram. Once again, people can laugh and enjoy the amazing show that was claimed by Dean Martin. In addition, there is speculation that the image will be accompanied by a live orchestra that will interact with Dean.

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